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Restoration practices and guidelines

Various types of adaptation to climate change can be distinguished, including anticipatory and reactive adaptation, private and public adaptation, and autonomous and planned adaptation.

Practical adaptation, mitigation and restoration strategies are urgently required by river basin managers either to adapt to future climate change or to minimise the effects of future change on current or restored situations.

In this section we provide information on restoration practices and guidelines designed for river managers and practitioners.

You can learn more about the current climate change adaptation policies in Europe by visiting the European Climate Adaptation Platform website.

download manual Download "Integrating strategies at subcatchment and local scale and strategies"
(Source: REFRESH), (pdf, 1mb)
download manual Download "Practical climate adaptation strategies in European freshwaters at sub-catchment and local scales" (Source: REFRESH), (pdf, 800kb)
download manual Download "Review of published climate change adaptation and mitigation_measures"
(Source: JRC-IES), (pdf, 5.6mb)
download manual Download "Climate change adaptation"
(Source: JRC-IES), (pdf, 2.1mb)
download manual

Download "Rivers by design"
(Source: RESTORE) (pdf, 5.6mb, external server)

download manual Download "Keeping rivers cool"
(Source: Enviroment agency Wales) (pdf, 2.6mb, external server)
download manual Download "Drainage channel biodiversity"
(Source: Association of Drainage Authorities and Natural England), (pdf, 5.3mb, external server)

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